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GME Boat Marine Radios

GME Marine Radios

There are two major styles of marine radios: fixed and hand held. Both designs have their own sets of pros and cons. In the off chance that an emergency should happen, the important thing is to make sure you get a radio that will keep you in touch with the shore. Enjoy your time out on the water, but make sure you stay safe and arrive back to the dock at the end of the day. GME boat electronics allow that to happen.

Fixed Mounted

Fixed mounted means you will never be out on the water without your radio. No forgetting it at home, because it is always attached to your boat. When picking out the one for you, look for one that offers multiple mounting options, so you have choices when it comes to setting up the system.

Take it Along with You

The number one reason people choose to use a hand-held is for convenience. You have the freedom to move around the ship without tying yourself to a specific area. Another reason is ease of use. Having it in your pocket means you can pull it out whenever you need to, and put it away when you are finished checking in.

Bonus Features

A bonus feature that GME likes to include on marine radios is a GPS receiver interface. The device transmits crucial information, such as position and nature of the distress call. In an emergency, one push of the red button and help will be on the way. Waterproof is important when a product is working on or near water. A waterproof speaker mic means no chance of shorting out when you need it most.

Boost the Signal

Your boat radio is only as good as the GME marine air band radio antenna attached to it. Receivers need an antenna for the signal to travel. Give your signal the boost it needs to reach help when help when you require it.

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