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GME Radio Equipment

Greenwich Marine Electronics, or GME, is the market leader in radio equipment, designing their pieces to withstand tough conditions on land and sea. This trusted brand understands how important it is to keep communication open when you’re off road or far away from home, and for over 30 years, their radio communications devices have been assisting rural and remote Australia, allowing them to keep in touch at great distances.

Land Radios

The range of GME CB radios for use on land tends to vary, with everything from handheld radios to antennas on offer. Their customers include state emergency, ambulance, and police services, so you can be sure of their quality and reliability.

Marine Radios

GME founder, Ted Dunn, has been a keen sailor his whole life, and many of the staff at GME are continually involved in the marine industry. This firsthand knowledge has allowed them to create innovative products like the world’s first VHF radio, with all of their products undergoing stringent testing to ensure they can withstand marine environments. Features like the Float and Flash system ensure that, if someone drops it overboard, their radios will not only stay above water but also flash to alert you to their location.

Parts and Accessories

Not only does GME create solid systems, but the brand also has a range of parts and accessories for fixing any communication problem you might have. This includes all accessories, including GME radio antennas, aerials, microphones, batteries, and speakers, with most of them compatible with competitor brands.

Technical Excellence

GME has always been at the forefront of technology, with the entire company committed to being leaders in innovation. Since their GME TX4000 radios revolutionised the communications market in Australia, they have continued to make technologically forward products with resilient and tough mechanics.