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GME is an Australian company founded by Ted Dunn, an engineer and businessman whose vision was to design and create high-quality, world-class radio communication gear within Australia. Many decades later, his vision is realised as the company has expanded and caters to domestic and international markets, selling UHF radios and CB radios to both enthusiasts and professionals.


Boost the signal with GME UHF CB radio antennas. These come in different designs, such as those twisted straight onto your handheld radio as an upgrade to the stock antenna. Others like the AE4705B have a fibreglass whip at the end of the bar antenna and rigid spring at the base to keep it stable on your car bonnet.

Channel Monitor

UHF CB radios with channel monitors are extremely convenient to use. Some models like the TX675 radio walkie keep it simple with a compact LCD screen that displays the frequency and channel. Moreover, models like the TX3350 speakerphone radio feature an ergonomic receiver and a channel monitor along with essential controls for changing frequencies and volume.


GME offers a range of basic handheld radios perfect for security detail or communications with team members. If you want an inexpensive but highly functional radio, consider the TX665. This 1 watt handheld radio boasts excellent battery life and range. It can even charge via USB. But if you want to go all out, the TX6155TP handheld comm-kit comes complete with two TX6155 handheld units, removable antennae, earpieces, speaker mics, vehicle chargers and more. This kit gets you collaborating right away.

Fixed Mount

Be ready for anything when you have a fixed mounted radio in your vehicle. You'll be able to respond to distress calls, communicate with those around you, and broadcast announcements on some models with PA features. For a compact unit, think about the XRS-360C, which has a sophisticated speaker mic with all the controls right at hand. If a budget option is what you need, the TX2720 fits the bill with a basic mic, but a full-fledged mounted unit with speakers, channel monitor and controls on the main unit make up for it.