Find your way with GPS Accessories

With GPS technology such a common sight, it's difficult to believe it was introduced for civilian use during our lifetimes. Now it's rare that a new car comes without some sort of GPS navigation, tracker, or location capability, and smartphones without GPS are all but unheard-of.

There are so many GPS accessories are on the market today. These small, portable devices can be fitted with all manner of charging cables, external batteries, mounting kits, and even external antennas or satellite sensors.

You'll find a great range of GPS accessories in this range, and with popular brands such as Garmin, TomTom, Nuvi, GPSMap, eTREX, Mpow, and Uniden, you can shop happy.

Charging Accessories

While some hand-held units require little more than a USB Cable, others are more demanding. Most common are the car-mounted variety. These, of course, have an internal battery power supply, but it is usually quite limited. Anyone driving between cities in Australia knows just how big a country it is, and a charging cable that lets your GPS tracker run off the vehicle's 12v supply is an absolute necessity.

Even hikers need a little extra power now and then, and losing your way when you're out in the wilderness is no minor threat to your health and wellbeing. Luckily, there are a wide variety of portable battery systems that can easily recharge a GPS, or nearly any other hand-held device, through a standard USB charging cable.

Mounting Kits and Accessories

If you're using your GPS navigation system in a vehicle, one of your first concerns is where to mount it. There are a wide range of mounting kits available, and the most common feature is a suction cup which affixes to the vehicle's windscreen. Others attach to various places on the dashboard or instrument panel, and a few even mount onto the steering wheel itself.

If you're riding a bicycle or motorbike, you need a handlebar mounting kit. These keep the device safe in the event of a minor spill, and allow you to keep your hands where they are needed most while finding your way.