GPS Holders & Mounts in Electronics

GPS Holders Mounts in Electronics

Keep your GPS system in the safest place you can see it with a GPS holder. When you use a GPS mount, you can find your destination while keeping your focus on the road ahead. You can choose from various types and attachment options. Select the model of holders and mounts thats right for you.

Type of Holder or Mount

Choose a GPS holder for your favourite type of transport such as a car or bike. Some of these mounts also act as chargers to keep your device ready for use. A GPS dash mount makes it easy to read the information or view the pictures to your desired location reducing the chance of an accident.


Several companies manufacture these GPS holders and mounts, you should focus on the brands which are compatible with the type of GPS that you own. For instance, you can find a TomTom or Garmin GPS holder. The benefit of choosing a specific brand is that it is designed to work with the systems it manufactures for a perfect fit. Some will work with any system the company manufactures while others are limited to certain models. You can also find generic mounts, which will fit many GPS systems.

Attachment Options

You can find GPS holders which use suction cups to attach to your dash. Others may screw in while adhesive mounts are another option. Some may use prongs to slide over a sun shade or other surface to hold in place. Sun shades GPS holders and mounts do double duty as shades and GPS mounts. You can also find clip-on mounts, which can easily be moved from one location to another or completely removed when not in use. Some of these devices have a button which you push to unlock the system from the base.


Look for different features with your GPS holder or mount. For instance, you can find a universal mount which is designed to fit with many different systems. Some have a slim design to take up less space. Others feature a round base. You can also find cradles for your device which provide better support.