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GPS Reversing Cameras

Almost anyone who has driven a car has wished for eyes in the back of their head at one time or another. While a GPS reversing camera won't quite do that, it's certainly better than a rear view mirror alone. Reversing cameras are becoming more and more important, and it's not because the population is aging. Modern SUVs and Utes offer more and bigger blind spots than ever before, and for many drivers a camera is the only way they can get a proper look behind them.

Camera Placement

There are a number of different options for camera placement, from the rear bumper to the mirror itself. In general the further back you can place the camera, the better off you are. The whole purpose of a camera is to cover blind spots you can't normally see. Mounting it on the mirror gives it the same field of view you already have; the camera suffers exactly the same blind spots you do. It's better to place it on the rear bumper or number plate holder. That moves your point of view further back and gets you away from the blind spots.

Screen Placement

No camera is any good without a screen. You can place reversing cameras on your car and truck rear view interior mirrors, but that forces you to choose between the mirror and the camera. In-dash screens give you the ability to check your surroundings with both your camera and your mirrors. While you can install a dedicated screen, in most cases you're better off using the screen for your existing automotive GPS unit.

Features to Look For

There are two very important features to look for on any reversing camera, whether attached to your GPS unit or not. The first is reverse gear lockout. Any good reversing camera will be set to automatically take over the screen as soon as you put the vehicle into reverse. The second is field of view; the wider the field of view, the better off you are.


No matter where you are, safety matters, and GPS reversing cameras represent a great step forward in this area. As vehicles get higher, it's easier for children to hide beneath your field of view. A reversing camera gives you the ability to see exactly where they are at any time, no matter how tall they are.

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