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Garage Opener Parts and Accessories

Garage opener parts and accessories allow you to repair, enhance your garage security and safety and customise your garage door so that it functions better. Depending on the garage door opener system you are using, accessories and parts available in the market vary greatly. If you are looking to improve how your garage door operates, there are a few parts and accessories that could give you a better experience.


The motor determines how strong a garage door opener is. A light garage door, such as one built from aluminium material will work fine with a motor that has low torque. However, heavier garage doors made out of wood require a motor with higher torque. Garage door motors with half, three-quarter and one horsepower are the only ones currently available in the market. Half-horsepower motors are used with standard-width garage doors while those with three-quarter and one horsepower are suitable for garage doors made from heavier materials.


Sensors in garage doors serve the purpose of avoiding injuries and damage to objects that are within the garage door opening and closing space. Such sensors include entrapment sensors which send out laser beams to determine if any obstacles are in the way before the door closes. You can also enhance your garage security by installing door edge sensors. Door edge sensors also prevent injuries that result from fingers getting pinched along the sides of the door. Due to these reasons, sensors are a worthy investment.


Garage door remotes control the opening and closing of automated garage doors just with a press of a button. Just as there are universal TV remotes, universal garage remotes are also available. Most remotes are battery powered. It is therefore advisable to check the batteries when a remote controller first fails before concluding the remote itself needs replacement. If your remote controller is broken or lost you should contact your manufacturer or shop for another remote online. Make sure you take into consideration your door opener’s model number.