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Garage Door Remotes

Garage Door Remotes

Electric garage doors have risen in popularity over the years, as they add value to a home while making it easier to enter and exit your garage. The convenience of being able to open it remotely from your vehicle makes it a no-brainer. For an automatic garage door to work well, you need a garage door remote to control the door system. Finding the right one requires considering a few key factors.


One essential consideration when shopping for garage door openers is the brand of the garage door drive system you own. Not all openers may work with all brands. For example, if you are looking for garage door remotes and transmitters for Merlin, make sure the one you decide on is compatible with this brand. Otherwise, you may end up with a system composed of working parts that cannot function together.

Drive System

In addition, take into account the drive system you own. Some of the most common models include belt-drive system, screw-drive system, and chain-drive system. Belt-drive systems are becoming increasingly popular, whereas the other types are more basic and easier to maintain. If you own a rolling door motor, such as an Automatic Technology one, look for garage door remotes and transmitters for ATA to ensure compatibility.


Many garage door remotes only have a single button so you can easily open and close the garage door with just a keypress. Other models have two or more buttons for extra functions, such as an electronic locking system with a coding system.


You can opt for a garage door remote that fits on your keychain so you can access it easily, or go for one that you can mount on a wall. Alternatively, you can mount some models inside your vehicle so you completely eliminate the possibility of losing it.

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