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Garden Carts and Utility Wagons

Especially if you have a large yard, carrying all of your gardening tools and accessories around can be a chore. Whether you choose to use garden barrows or a utility cart to help with your gardening and yard work, you’re sure to save yourself a lot of time and strain by being able to place everything in the cart. From collapsible to commercial-grade, there are many different types of garden carts and tools available to help make outside work more ordered and enjoyable.

Garden Carts

There are several different types of garden carts to choose from as you’re deciding. You may want a simple garden barrow, that you can haul dirt and soil in, as well as your tools and accessories. This type usually rests on one wheel in the front, while you push it throughout the yard with two wheels and a handle in the back. A garden cart is more of a box-shaped cart and could almost be mistaken for a child’s wagon. With four tyres and a handle, you can push or pull this throughout your yard.

Utility Carts

A utility wagon is slightly different, although these types of wagons are pretty synonymous with garden carts. If you have a large yard and you find yourself doing a lot of DIY projects, you may want to invest in builders’ wheelbarrows. These heavy duty carts are similar to a regular wheelbarrow, but their tough construction allows you to haul everything from cement to bricks. Choose a larger size for work throughout your yard and exterior.


Depending on your needs, there are a few types of carts and wagons. You’ll find some garden carts are collapsible. If you just do a few chores in your yard or have a small garden, this may be an optimal choice. Easy to stow and store in a garage or shed, use the collapsible wagons for small jobs. You may want metal, durable wagons or wagons made from hard plastic. Other choices include mesh carts. These cannot haul dirt or soil, but are terrific for gardening tools.

Versatile Uses

Depending on the type of cart or wagon you choose, many have versatile uses. Use a collapsible cart to take to the beach or go camping, or clean out your utility wagon to take the kids for a spin through the backyard. Mesh carts with high sides are also great for planting larger stretches of garden.