Protect Yourself When Gardening With Garden Gear

There are serious garden lovers and then there are the, I’ll do what I have to gardeners. Regardless of what category you fall into you will find all your garden gear needs all in one place on eBay. eBay has an excellent variety of garden clothing, garden accessories and garden protective gear. You will find everything from gardening gloves of different materials, colours, and sizes, that will cover just your hands or will cover up the forearms, gardening boots and guards, garden kneelers and garden knee pads to cushion those aching knees to seats on wheels.

Types of garden gear

  • Hand rake: The hand rake can pick up leaves and other garden debris and remove them from under and around plants. It does not damage roots or crowns. Buy the ones with colour accents as they help to keep this rake in your sight while you work.
  • Water breaker: This is for gently watering new plants or soaking existing ones. 
  • Japanese gardener's knives: This is a favourite for many professionals and does five tasks well. It can be used in place of a trowel to dig, plant bulbs, and weed. The saw blade is used to cut roots and divide small perennials. Finally, this is a crevice tool.
  • Shears: To trim grass around trees, trunks, and shrubs, edging beds and pathways, and cutting back ornamental grasses. They are great for trimming and cutting flowers and small and delicate tasks like snipping twine or thinning perennials. It is spring-loaded and super simple to use.
  • Hand pruner: This tool can trim branches smaller than a three-quarter inch, prune perennials and trim stems for larger flowers. It can also be used to score and cut root balls before planting.
  • Hand Fork: A hand fork is designed to help gardeners till their soil quickly. The three-pointed prongs on most hand forks are known as tines. These are used for breaking the ground. 
  • Border Spade: A border spade is smaller and more compact than a regular spade. It has a flat blade that can be used to dig into the soil. To be used in digging landscape borders in the flowerbed, the handle is shorter than a standard spade.

As you shop for all your garden gear needs, shop in bulk and gift to your fellow garden lovers and save. Look for the red price tag for sellers deals on eligible items. Shop confidently with eBays money-back guarantee on all purchases. Shop from both local and international sellers, you’ll find affordable prices to suit every budget.