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Garden Edging Supplies & Borders

Garden Edging and Border Supplies

One way to get your garden to look tidy and to keep certain plants from spreading where they’re not meant to grow is to have slight changes in elevation delineated with edging or a wooden border. This is especially helpful in keeping your lawn from invading the rest of your garden and helps make your garden look more organized. The type of bordering you use is also another opportunity to reinforce or tweak the look you’re going for. A simple green plastic edging will work wonders for a vege garden and for a nice rock garden, you can use a stone border while your flower bed would look beautiful with wood.

Edging and Borders

Edging and borders can be used as either miniature fences or miniature retaining walls to create a subtle tiered effect. Edging and borders will usually come as a roll that you can unspool to your desired length and then twist and turn it around a wooden post or cut it off where needed. You can get ribbed and smooth plastic, as well as rolls of little wooden cylinders that are easy to apply and which look lovely. For stone borders, you’re usually looking at little tiles that you hammer down in a row or stone bricks that you stack up to create a little wall.

Other Landscaping Supplies

There’s more to landscaping than just your edging and depending on what soil you have to work with you may also require some ground reinforcement grids to keep the soil where it should be, for instance. Garden stones, gravel, and pebbles are a great way to balance out the arrangement of your plants with some inexpensive things that don’t actually require any care and a layer of small stones can make a great alternative to wood chips for a rock garden.

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