Garden Hose Reels & Storage

Keep your yard neat and tidy and stop your garden hose from getting kinked and cracked with a fantastic retractable hose reel available right here on eBay. A retractable hose reel keeps your hose safe from sun damage, removes the tripping hazard, and still keeps your hose accessible as soon as you need it. More convenient and easier to use than a manual or semi-manual hose reel, a retractable hose reel is perfect for the busy home gardener.

What to to look for when buying a retractable hose reel

The first thing to consider when buying a retractable hose reel is whether you want to wall mount the retractable hose reel, or if you want it to remain portable. If theft is a concern, youll want to find a model that can be mounted and then locked.

Consider the speed of the rewinder, too. While a fast rewind sounds good in theory, it can cause the hose to snap back into the housing, causing damage to the equipment or possibly yourself. If you have mischievous children intent on playing with the hose when theyre not supposed to, then a child lock would be a great feature. The retractable hose reel may come as a kit with a spray gun, which could be useful for a range of purposes.

Always consider the length of the hose and whether it will properly cover your yard. Youll need a hose stopper to prevent the hose from disappearing entirely into the unit, and potentially a storage place for the end of the hose so its not dangling out, getting damaged or dirty, when the hose isnt in use.

Available in a range of styles, colours, and features, whichever retractable hose reel suits your home and garden, eBay can help you compare models quickly and easily so you can keep your garden lush and watered. Check them out today!