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Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are a necessity when it comes to taking care of your lawn, but they also have other versatile uses, such as providing sprinklers for the kids or for filling up large containers of water, such as buckets, pools or containers. There are several different types of garden hoses, optimally designed for different needs. From expandable hoses for large yards to the trolleys you can carry them in, there’s a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the right watering tool.

Flexible Hose

Typically, an everyday flexible hose is the type of garden hose you’ll find most often. They vary in length, with short ones that are approximately 7.5m, and longer ones upwards of 15m or more. Available in a variety of different colours beyond the classic green shade, a standard, flexible hose is likely the most common choice for most homeowners.

Simple Hose

Should you just need a simple hose to water flower pots and complete other odd jobs around the house, a smaller hose will do the trick. This type of hose isn’t optimal for lawn watering, as it isn’t often particularly lengthy, but it does the job well of distributing water. You may need to use a simple rubber hose, particularly if your spigot is of a non-uniform size, as these can be used for other industrial and commercial uses.

Expandable Hose

If a 15m length is not enough and you find that you need more coverage, consider an expandable hose. This type of hose has special notches that can expand, allowing you to stretch it up to multiple lengths. Expandable hoses also often have the option of flexibility - these may be extremely flexible hoses you can take throughout the yard.

Trolleys and Accessories

Leaving a garden hose on the ground can expose it to the elements, mildew and corrosion. For this reason, garden hose reels and storage are a necessity. Choose from a variety of different trolleys to make your hose mobile, or use a storage reel that connects to your house. You may also want to consider accessories for your garden hose, such as garden hose misting nozzles to keep your garden damp, but not soaked.