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Make the most of your evenings with outdoor lighting

After dark, outdoor lighting completely transforms the look and ambience of your backyard. Illuminate up your garden or patio space with solar power and LEDs that enhance security, safety, and socialising.

Security and safety lighting

Solar power sensor lights flood your backyard with brightness when triggered by motion. Wall mounted waterproof security lights can be installed on any exterior wall.

Recessed and spiked LED outdoor lighting instantly brightens up decks, patios, paths, and walkways. Choose from round or square recessed lights, and spikes that are embellished with stylish or fancy lanterns. Contemporary bollards are also an option.

Floodlights provide an intense light that illuminates larger areas. Choose from 60, 100, and 120 bright white LED lamps with reflective intensifier and passive infrared motion detector.

Two-in-one insect zapper solar power outdoor garden lights produce a bright beam that attracts mosquitos and bugs.

Aqua lights

Outdoor lights aren't solely reserved for wall or ground display. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard you can transform it into a water feature by adding colour changing LED lights. Underwater lights for pools and spas send out a high power beam in a range of solid colours, and are suitable for use in fresh and salt water swimming pools.

Contemporary features

Stylish round and cube shaped garden lights add designer elegance to your pathways and landscape. The large self charging solar lights are made from durable white polyethylene and create a soft glow. Colour change options are available.

Weatherproof solar fairy lights are available in a variety of different styles and lengths, from 0.5 to 2 metres. The solar power lights are arranged on a string for easy attachment to fences, trees, and shrubbery. When fully charged, premium grade outdoor lighting fairy lights glow for 12 hours a night.

Landscape torch lights are a ripper idea for adding mood lighting to your patio or backyard. The easy to ground stake solar power lights replicate flickering flames inside elaborately decorated goblet shaped lanterns.