Put away the axe and save your shoulders and your time. Grab a great deal on a log splitter from eBay so you can spend more time relaxing in front of the fireplace instead of chopping firewood the old way. Simply cut your logs down to size with a chainsaw and let the splitter do the rest of the hard work.

What is a log splitter?

A log splitter is a piece of machinery generally used for creating firewood. Log splitters utilise hydraulic or rod and piston moving parts to split sections of log into even smaller sections of wood more appropriate for use in fires and woodwork. Never more affordable, many occasional and small property users are now enjoying the advantages of industrial log splitters.

Which one is right for me?

Log splitters are generally rated by their splitting force in tonnes. Ranging from 10 tons all the way up to 50 tons and beyond, these ratings may assist users in deciding on an appropriate log splitter for their application. Most home users and small rural properties will benefit just fine from the smaller, 10-15 ton electric models, which are quieter in operation and can be safely used in poorly ventilated areas. Usually equipped with wheels, they are generally lighter than their petrol counterparts and can easily be manoeuvred in and out of a shed for use.

Those is search of serious splitting power will find their answer in eBay's wide variety of petrol-powered, industrial log splitters designed to turn the hardest of hardwood into toothpicks in no time!

Searching tips

Narrow your search down by selecting your preferred power source - corded electric, diesel, hydraulic or petrol. You can also search by required splitting force. Don't forget to compare the specifications in listings with your requirements - the logs you're looking to split will need to fall within range of the splitter's maximum log diameter.

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