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Want to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends no matter the weather? Heavy duty marquees can protect you from sun or rain during events, get-togethers, barbeques, beach days and picnics. Many small businesses that operate outdoors or sell at markets also use these types of gazebos.

Check the material

When you're outdoors, your heavy duty gazebo will be the only line of defence between you and the weather. It's important to make sure your marquee or gazebo has been constructed from a sturdy, weather-resistant material.

Most heavy duty marquees should be waterproof. They are likely to be made from either PVC coated polyester or polyurethane. If you want to use your marquee often and hope to have it for a long time, polyester will last longer. If you are using this marquee for a one-off event, the cost-effective polyurethane may be a better choice.

If you're looking for a permanent solution that provides sun and rain protection, a shade sail could be a good option for your property.

Check the pole size

The poles included in your heavy duty marquee are the stabilising elements of the tent. If the poles included are under 1 mm, they may be flimsy, and your heavy duty gazebo might not handle strong winds or rain.

If you're worried about the strength of your heavy duty marquee or are expecting extreme weather, you could consider buying replacement parts to have on hand.

Check the pitch height

The pitch height refers the height of the marquee when it is correctly set up. Remember that the lower the pitch height, the smaller it will seem inside the marque. You may want to take into account accessories such as flooring, heating and lighting.

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