Garden Fencing Supplies

Looking for garden fencing supplies may look like a simple task, but the truth is the multitude of options available may make the choice rather time-consuming. Whether you are looking for wooden fencing, wire fencing, wooden fencing or picket fencing, you need to keep in mind the layout of your garden as well as the purpose of the fencing.

Types of Garden Fencing

The supplies you need to purchase for building or repairing a garden fence largely depend on the purpose of the construction. Consider whether the fencing is primarily for security, privacy or decoration. For example, you may opt for wrought iron fences if you are mostly concerned about looks, or go for concrete fences if security is your main concern. Other popular types include flexible plastic fencing that can easily enhance the look of your garden while being easy to set up as well as mesh PVC fencing, which is long-lasting and water-resistant.

Wooden Garden Fencing Supplies

If you opt for wooden panels for your garden, the supplies you need are wood panels, nails and a hammer. Wooden fence panels for garden fencing come in a multitude of styles and heights, as well as different types of wood. Examples include untreated wooden panels that you can paint or stain as you like, bamboo cane panels that are easy to install and maintain, and picket fence panels that are shorter and highly decorative.

Security Fencing for Gardens

If you're concerned about security, fencing made from metal, mesh or wire is a good option for keeping intruders out. These are all durable materials that last for years and do a good job at withstanding the elements. Most security supplies come in detachable fence panels for easy installation. Moreover, security fencing doubles well as a privacy fence too.