Garden Rakes

Garden Rakes

Fallen leaves, loose lawn clippings, and other natural detritus can be an unsightly blemish on an otherwise beautiful garden or yard. And theres no better tool for gathering them up for quick and easy disposal or composting than a garden rake. Though there are many varieties of garden rakes, the most common garden rake is a tall, long-toothed tool which visually resembles a stiff broom.

Traditional Garden Rakes

Traditional garden rakes are one of many garden hand tools that allow gardeners to quickly and easily clean errata, especially leaves. They feature long handles which are typically wooden or plastic, with wide, fanned heads of plastic or metal teeth that help grab and scoop up leaves and other plant or tree material.

Hand Rakes

Hand rakes are a kind of garden rake, but a shortened version of the traditional rake. Instead of a long, broom-like handle, the hand rake has a short, formed plastic grip directly attached to a smaller set of fanning metal teeth. There are usually only a few teeth in a hand rake, as opposed to dozens in a traditional rake. A hand rake may feature thicker, heavier construction suitable for raking small stones and loose rocks out of soil or tearing through weed roots and plant matter.

Tools to Use Alongside Garden Rakes

Garden rakes by nature are garden hand tools meant to collect detritus into piles. They often function best when used alongside other tools intended to help tidy lawns or gardens. Hedge and grass shears help trim and neaten hedges or grass, leaving the remnants for your to rake up. Strong gardening gloves protect your hands while raking and while lifting the piles into a bin for composting.

Garden Rake Brands

When searching for garden rakes, its easy to find those manufactured by popular garden hand tools and equipment brands. These include Burgon & Ball, Draper, Jackson, Fiskars, and Bahco.