Make Tree Pruning Easy With A Garden Saw

Not everyone owns or wants to own a large, powerful chainsaw. So, what can you do when you need to prune some branches on your trees that are too thick for your secateurs or loppers? Use a garden saw!

Garden saws are designed for cutting through tree branches easily without the need for heavy and expensive power tools. A good quality garden or pruning saw will help you to trim the branches on your fruit trees or large shade trees with ease.

What size garden saw is best?

This depends on the size of the branches that you want to cut. You should choose a saw with a blade that is double the diameter of the branches you’ll be cutting.

For example, if you regularly want to trim branches that are 15 cm in diameter, you want to select a saw that has a 30 cm blade. This will give you enough leverage to be able to cut through those branches easily.

Why do some garden saws have curved blades?

The curved blades on a pruning saw are designed for strength and durability. They also help to make cutting much easier. Saws with curved blades are designed for heavy-duty pruning and for easier access when you’re cutting inner branches on the tree.

Should you choose a garden saw with a straight or curved blade?

This will depend on how much pruning you plan to do. If you only need to prune a few branches once a year, a straight bladed saw will work fine. These usually have a curved handle so that they’re easier to use.

However, if you are going to be doing a lot of pruning, you might be better off with a garden saw that has a curved blade because it will be more durable and will make cutting easier once you get used to the curved blade.

Why do some garden saws have a folding handle?

Many pruning saws are available with a folding handle to make them easier to store while not in use. This is ideal if you only have a small garden shed or a storage chest to store all of your outdoor tools.

Folding garden saws are also great for taking with you when you go camping. Plus, you’ll find that the handle acts as a sheath to help protect the blade when it’s not in use. This also makes the saw safer to carry around with you in the garden.