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Cut things down to size with garden scythes and sickles from eBay

Keeping your garden, yard, or larger plot of land in tip-top shape is a sharp idea. eBay has blades that are a cut above, with a collection of dozens of garden scythes and sickles that can make short work of tall grass.    

Choose from vintage pieces that can still get the job done or take your pick from newer scythes from companies such as Daiso, Bohken, Kinboshi and more. eBay has different scythe sizes depending on how serious you need to get about cutting things back. You’ll be able to select your tool from a range of blades and handles known as snathes.   

How do I buy a scythe or sickle? 

When buying a scythe or sickle, perhaps the most important thing to consider is size.
If you have a smaller area in which you work, like a garden plot or two out back behind the house, a sickle might be the best option. They are smaller, and can be swung with one hand.    

A scythe is a more suitable tool for larger swaths of land. Its enlarged blades and cutting radius make it optimal for bigger chunks of work. Paired with gardening gloves and other garden hand tools and equipment, you’ll have the gear to keep your areas looking clean and ready for growth.   

In addition to clearing out excessive, unwanted growth, scythes and sickles can also help you reap what you sow. Whether you’re harvesting wheat, rice, corn or other goods, the right tools can be the difference between back-breaking hours of labour and making quick work of your to-do list.   

Don’t be scared of weeds, tall grass or even looking like the grim reaper. Find tools that make the cut with quality garden scythes and sickles from eBay today.