Garden Sprayers

Keep your yard looking great all year round with a garden sprayer

Garden sprayers can vary in size. Choose from small handheld bottle sprayers that are ideal for coating your indoor plants with a fine liquid mist, larger backpack versions that are great for covering your outside space, or larger farming and agricultural sprayers.

Upkeep your garden with ease

The ultimate accessory for anyone with a garden is a knapsack-sized sprayer. Simply fill it up with whatever liquid you need to dispense, pump it up to create air pressure and then take a leisurely stroll around your garden, spraying thoroughly and easily as you go. This will save you a lot of time and effort and your plants will instantly look better with the extra TLC they will get.

Garden sprayers can be used to give your plants any liquid that they need. If your lawn is parched, you can water it with ease. If you are having problems with weeds then give your garden a good coating of weed killer with your garden sprayer. If you want your plants to be the best looking on your street then dose them up with some top-notch plant food or fertiliser and watch them bloom.

Backpack garden sprayers are fully adjustable. You can make sure yours fits perfectly by adjusting the straps to fit you. They often come with a selection of nozzles so that you can treat your plants with the right level of liquid every time and make sure that you don't damage any delicate flowers.

If you know someone who has green fingers then a garden sprayer is the perfect gift for them. They will be amazed at how much time they will save and how much their garden will benefit from it.

Whatever size garden sprayer you need, you'll find the perfect model here on eBay for all of your DIY and professional gardening needs.