Garden & Storage Sheds

Making it Functional

When it comes to buying something as practical as a garden shed, the most important thing to think about is how functional it will actually be. Garden sheds can be used for all kinds of purposes – one of the most popular of which is storage. Housing anything from gardening tools and lawnmowers to outdoor furniture and umbrellas, garden sheds are perfectly placed to store items that are used outdoors, but perhaps require shelter from the elements.    Sheds can also provide extra storage for items that don’t quite fit in the house. Basements and garages can fill up quickly, so for anyone who needs extra space to store stuff, a garden shed can provide it. Garden sheds can be used to store anything from barely used bikes, to boxed toys and books, to summer and winter wardrobes that are out of season. It’s worth remembering though, that not all sheds protect against damp and humidity. Items that are susceptible to the heat, to damp, or to insects, should be adequately protected. Another use for a garden shed? A garden shed can also double as a workshop, making it the ideal place to store tools and work on DIY projects.

Material Needs

After deciding on the function of the garden shed, it’s time to look at materials. A garden shed can be made out of almost anything, but most are made out of metal or wood. Think about how big the shed will need to be, and the space available on the proposed site. It can also be a good idea to consider the security of the shed. Outdoor tools and equipment can be expensive, while other items stored inside the shed may also hold value. Check whether the shed is sturdy and offers a lockable door.   Ready to start comparing options? There’s no better place to be than eBay. Home to a fantastic range of quality garden structures and shades, eBay is the go-to destination for everything from garden marquees and tents, to greenhouses and cold frames, to pergolas and shade sails. Garden and storage sheds are available in a huge range of sizes, materials and colours, from some of the best-known brands in the business. Available to buy brand new or used, shed options can be delivered right to the front door, or collected from the seller. All that’s left to do is build it! 

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