Get to work with garden trowels from eBay

If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll know how important it is to have quality garden tools. Well, there’s no better place than eBay to find all of the specialist gear you need to keep those gardens looking amazing. Whether you’ve got an expansive garden or you just like having a pot plant sitting on your corner computer desk or glass coffee table, eBay gives you the tools you need. 

Garden trowels may be a simple tool, but they’re a crucial one for the avid gardener. Used for separating small plants, transplanting, potting and for general garden digging, it pays to have a strong one that you can rely on. Here on eBay, you’ll find many different varieties in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve got a favourite style, you’ll definitely find it here!

Different types of garden trowels

As mentioned, the garden trowel is a fairly simple tool, but there are variations out there. Firstly, they can be made from different materials, with stainless steel and carbon steel being the most popular. Some have wooden handles; others use heavy-duty plastic and rubber for a comfortable grip. But in addition to the materials, you’ll find different types and shapes for different uses, including:

  • Border hand trowels
  • Transplanter garden trowels
  • Serrated edge trowels
  • Rock & root trowels
  • Basic garden trowels
  • 5-in-1 garden trowels

So, if you really know your stuff and want to find those specialty garden tools that are fit for your intended purpose, eBay is the place to search. If you need a heavy-duty trowel that will last for years, you can also find them right here in one place. 

What to look for in a garden trowel

Garden trowels should be, above all, sturdy and reliable. While you might only use it for potting and transplanting, you may also need to use it in the garden where soil can become compacted. There might be rocks or pebbles to dig through, so you don’t want your trowel handle snapping. Always look for trusted brands and strength, because that will keep your tools in good working order for years to come.