Garden Water Transfer Pumps Tanks

Garden Water Transfer Pumps

A dry spell without rainfall could mean that plants in your yard and garden suffer. To prevent that from happening, garden watering equipment, such as water transfer pumps, get water to where its needed. In addition, you can transfer water by using other garden supplies like watering cans, lawn sprinklers or drip irrigation systems. Many people remove water from basements or a flooded driveway using a transfer pump and other water tank pumps.

Self-Priming Water Pumps

Self-priming pumps save you time because you dont need to pour water into the suction hose for it to work. They also work without being submerged. Youll find models made with aluminium alloy and cast iron that hold up to high pressure water flows. Equally reliable are heavy-duty connectors and fittings. On average, most pumps have 8.0 HP or smaller motors, which are easy to start and may include a 4.5 litre fuel tank for long waterings. Rust-resistant mufflers and a quiet-running engine are additional appealing features.

Portable Pumps

Used by homeowners, farmers and construction workers, portable transfer pumps start up similar to a lawnmower. They are normally powered by petrol or diesel and are UV- and corrosion-resistant. Safety features include an oil alert sensor that cuts off the machine when oil is low and rubber feet to keep it steady. Likewise, youll enjoy the easy refuel opening and tight-fitting cap.

Single Stage

A single-stage transfer pump has one dual suction impeller compared to a two-stage pump. The former is easier to operate because the user doesnt need to choose between a preferred volume or pressure. Furthermore, you simply plug in the pump, hook up the lines and let it run. Youll be able to pump water at about 60 PSI, which is adequate for most garden hoses. The pumps are rated for continuous use.