Garden Watering Taps/Hose Timers

Garden Watering Taps and Hose Timers

Once you’ve devoted some time and effort into making your garden beautiful and well-manicured, you want it to stay that way. However, between busy schedules, work and parent duties, sometimes you can’t devote as much time to maintaining your garden as you’d like to. One of the ways you can help keep your garden healthy and nurtured in your absence is by investing in a hose or tap timer. This little device does a great job of watering your garden, lawn or just providing general irrigation so that your lawn isn’t dry. There are a few different types of hose timers, so you can easily find one that fits your needs.

Time- and Water-Saving

Even if you are present at home, perhaps you have other things to take care of. Grabbing the hose off the wheel and watering your lawn and garden several times a day can be fairly time-consuming. When you have a tap timer, it simply waters your lawn when programmed, via sprinklers or some other means that you have set up. An important part of your garden watering equipment, most of these devices are also specifically designed to save on water as well as your time, with smart systems that use just the right amount of water every time without waste.

Multiple Outlets

Timers usually vary by the amount of outlets that they have. For this device, an outlet is a water hookup. For instance, if you only have one spot on the lawn you plan to water (such as a vegetable garden), one outlet should be sufficient to meet your needs. If you need to connect multiple hoses to multiple areas on your lawn and garden, then you need a tap timer with multiple outlets. Outlet numbers vary, but many timers feature as many as three or four to water multiple spots.

General Timer Features

Generally, these timers have an LCD screen that’s easy to use and programme. They are designed to be completely automatic, and with many of the timers, you can programme them up to a week ahead, which is a great benefit if you’re going on vacation. Timers are often battery operated, with some even including a remote control. In lieu of an LCD screen, some older styles do have styles and wheels for programming. Timers are typically universal and connect easily to