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Garden Watering Timers & Controllers

Garden Watering Timers and Controllers

Gardens require regular watering in order to maintain plant health. Garden watering timers and controllers help to maintain optimal plant health by distributing even amounts of water at set intervals. These handy devices are especially useful for those who cannot regularly water their gardens or during the holiday period when you may be away from home. These popular garden tools are made from durable materials and feature easy setting options to provide you with peace of mind that your garden will survive the hot weather.

Easily Programmable

Timers and controllers are easy to program using the digital display. Some products feature innovative smart functionality, allowing you to control your garden watering using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Settings are easy to update and will last indefinitely, which provides holidaymakers with peace of mind that their garden will survive whilst they are away.

Water Conservation

Rain sensors make it easy to conserve water, which is especially important in the hot, dry climate of Australia. These devices work by automatically detecting rain and preventing the use of sprinkler systems, ensuring that your garden is only watered when it needs to be. You can also conserve water by using sprinkler controllers to ensure a consistent watering time and prevent oversaturation of your garden. Sprinkler controllers will still be activated during periods of rain, so if you want to get optimal water saving benefits you should install both a rain sensor and sprinkler controller at the same time.

Convenient Placement

Garden tools such as rain sensors, timers and controllers are designed to withstand the elements and can be placed in many different places. Popular positions for rain sensors include roofs, fences and light poles. It is not recommended to place these devices under eaves or areas which may be affected by water run off, as this will give false readings.

Multi-Hose Capability

You can water many different areas of your garden at the same time with a multi-hose compatible water timer. Three valve options give you greater flexibility and save you time by ensuring your garden gets a complete soaking without needing to leave the house.

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