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Gardening Axes & Hatchets

When bushes and similar foliage on your property need to be cleared, the smallest items can be removed with knives, shears and similar implements with ease. However, for clearing dead or unwanted trees, a gardening axe or hatchet can make quick work of the tasks.

What different types of gardening axes and hatchets are available?

There are a number of axes and hatchets that can be used when gardening, including

  • Hatchet
  • Felling axe
  • Splitting maul or axe
  • Double bit axe

A hatchet is ideal for small jobs, such as chopping wood into kindling. A felling axe is the best for chopping trees down. For splitting wood logs, use a splitting axe or splitting maul. A double-bit axe is a dual-purpose axe that can cut down trees with one side of the axe and chop the wood into smaller pieces with the other side.

What are some other gardening supplies to use with gardening axes and hatchets? 

When cutting down trees and similar foliage, some other essential garden tools and gardening supplies to have include gardening gloves, pruning shears, a gardening knife and a garden trowel. A wheelbarrow makes it easier to move trees and wood the rubbish or recycling bin.