Garlic Presses


Garlic Presses Ensure You Enjoy Garlic With Every Meal 

Garlic cloves can transform the flavour profile of a dish but slicing garlic cloves on a cutting board can be time-consuming, and the garlic odour on your fingers can be rather unpleasant. A garlic press is a great solution so you can get finely chopped garlic that is fresh and ready to add to your meal – with little effort.

Garlic presses are ideal if you enjoy the flavour of garlic in your meals, but you’re a little self-conscious about your knife skills. It can also come in handy when you need to crush a large number of garlic cloves at once. That’s not all they do either! The best garlic presses can even take the role of your micro plane, grater, or food slicer. Some manufacturers even offer ergonomic variations that make garlic crushing a breeze. You can check them all out right here on eBay!

Buying a garlic press online

A garlic press generally has soft, non-slip handles designed to absorb pressure, so you can push through a clove of garlic with moderate effort. You can usually add a couple of cloves to the chamber. After you are done pressing the garlic, flip the handles in the opposite and you can then gently remove the peels from the press. Put your press in the dishwasher and enjoy your delicious dinner!

Features to keep an eye out for include:

  • Soft handles that feel comfortable in the palm, lightweight yet sturdy.
  • A press that can be used repeatedly without any sign of wear and tear.
  • Easy to clean with water and soap. Or with a cleaning tool.
  • Made of aluminium and stainless steel – these can be more durable.

A garlic press is an essential tool in every kitchen, particularly if you love garlic in your meals. Add it to your food mincer or omelette maker for delicious meals. Shop for the wide variety of garlic press available on eBay and get your hands on the best quality products today!  Use the filters to find a specific garlic press that meets your needs, or simply browse the options. Some sellers offer free shipping, others have Click & Collect options. Check out eBay Plus too. You'll also get great deals and specials if you join.