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Garment Bags

Preserve your favourite clothes with a garment bag

Ensure that your favourite clothes are kept protected when in the wardrobe with a garment bag. A great way to protect your expensive clothes, garment bags make sure your clothes last for years to come. Transport and store your expensive clothes safely and easily by protecting them with this extra handy clothing care product.

The benefits of a garment bag

Garment bags protect your items of clothing from dust and dirt, whether in your wardrobe or when travelling. They prevent any dirt and grime from getting on your clean outfit, so you can travel safely in the knowledge that your outfit will be ready to wear at the end of your journey. Placing items in a garment bag also makes them much easier to carry if you want to travel light, or simply fold and place in your luggage for longer journeys.

Dark or black garment bags also protect your clothes from sun bleaching, which is great for dark, luxurious materials such as an expensive black suit.

Bridal and wedding garment bags

Your wedding dress is likely to be the most expensive piece of clothing youll ever buy. Save yourself a tanty on the wedding morning and store your dress in a bag to make sure its in perfect condition on the big day.

Bridal garment bags are often flared at the bottom or shaped to accommodate a more voluminous wedding dress than a regular gown, so make sure you choose a specific bridal garment bag. Theyre also important for preventing the white material from yellowing over time, letting you keep your wedding dress as a keepsake.

Everyday garment bags

You can find garment bags in different sizes to accommodate different items of clothing, with bags for shirts being smaller than bags for pants. If you want to save space and organise your wardrobe go for a suit bag to fit in your whole outfit. Most of the bags available open via a zip on the front for easy access. Alternatively, choose a see-through bag so you can easily find what youre looking for in the closet.