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Garmin Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Staying active is much easier when you track our activities; this way, you can let the numbers, or results, inspire you. Garmin, which started out making navigation devices, has for a long time also provided fitness heart rate monitors for sports enthusiasts. Garmin mostly makes running watches, but their range also includes multisport trackers, golf watches, and devices for triathletes. Learn more about the advanced technologies that Garmin uses and find a watch for your needs.

Activity Trackers

Activity trackers are probably the simplest devices in the Garmin range, but they still give you valuable information about your daily activity levels. These devices count your steps, estimate calorie burn, and even monitor your sleep. However, not all activity trackers feature a heart rate monitor. For this feature, choose models like the Vivoactive HR, Vivosmart 3, and Vivosmart HR+, which track your heart rate straight from the wrist. You no longer have to wear a chest strap to find out your heart rate, and thus these everyday monitors are great accessories.

Running Watches

The running watches are probably the best known Garmin GPS fitness heart rate monitors, as many people have gained interest in this simple sport. The company offers watches for all fitness levels, with simple features for beginners and advanced statistics for experienced runners. Opt for an easy-to-use Forerunner 25 that uses a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, or pick up one of the more complex models, such as the Forerunner 235 and Forerunner 935, which read your heart rate straight from the wrist. If you want a simple model with wrist-based heart rate, choose the Forerunner 35.

Multisport Watches

Multisport watches are perfect for athletes who want to improve in more than one arena. Triathletes benefit greatly from these devices, as they are compatible with running, cycling, and swimming. You can find a premium multisport watch from the Fenix 5 or Quatix 5 series, all of which measure your heart rate straight from the wrist, and the latter series even comes with features for water sports. With their rugged designs, these watches are ready for any adventure that you wish to engage in.

Golf Watches

Specialised golf watches deliver information about the golf course, allowing you to play at your best. Choose a special golf model from the Approach series or take an advantage of one of the capable multisport watches like Fenix 3 HR or a model from the Fenix 5 series. As some of these devices are Garmin heart rate monitors with Bluetooth, such as the Approach S20, you can link them with your smartphone and never miss an important alert, email, or message, even when your phone is somewhere deep inside your bag while you are golfing.