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Garmin GPS Running Watches

Garmin watches are a popular item for runners, athletes and people who need to keep track of their exercise statistics. Garmin watches are ideally suited to runners looking for high-quality, reliable sports watches that enable them to track heart rate, distance, calories burned and more. With sizes ranging from small GPS running watches through to extra-large GPS running watches, sports watches are the ideal training partner for those who take their running seriously.

Garmin Connect

Stay motivated with Garmin Connect, an online community of fitness enthusiasts where you can share data, download training plans, share words of encouragement and chat with other Garmin owners. This exclusive service is specifically designed for Garmin devices, meaning you can expect to find accurate information and strong support from the community. You can even sync your sports watches data with a compatible smartphone, making it possible to take your data with you wherever you go.

GPS Features

Most Garmin watches feature GPS, enabling you to track your run and exact position at any given moment. Being able to plot your exact course and share it with your friends is a major benefit of GPS enabled watches. If you like to plan your runs and analyse data, GPS is a must. Leave the phone at home and strap on one of your sports watches for reliable GPS tracking on your daily run.

Goal Setting

If you are goal-oriented, you need to keep accurate records of your run time, speed and heart rate. Garmin watches help you to track your movements and beat records by making this quick, easy and convenient. Set a goal and it will be tracked within Garmin Connect, so you can easily monitor your progress. Goals can be set for both daily and future monitoring, enabling you to track your improvements over time.

Durable Design

Garmin watches are slim, light and durable with innovative features such as sweat resistant rubber bands, ventilation holes, durable cases and sapphire lenses. There is a watch to suit every budget, with premium models featuring the highest-quality materials and the latest technologies. There are also tactical and luxury models available for those with different usage cases. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all Garmin watches come with a one-year warranty.