The Garrard Engineering and Manufacturing Company were world famous for manufacturing high quality turntables, and although the famed jewellery parent company sold the Garrard brand to Plessey in 1960, their turntables are still considered some of the best in today’s market. The two most popular models of Garrard turntables are the 301 and 401, which people still widely collect, with people selling them in both original and refurbished condition. It’s still also possible to get Garrard turntable parts for these systems for those who want to repair them themselves; purchase either as new or from old stock.

Garrard Turntable Parts

Some parts are still selling for the Garrard turntables that allow people to repair their devices at home, depending on the make and model. Common Garrard turntable parts include the stylus, tonearm counterweights and pick-up cartridges, with some other brands also being compatible with the Garrard devices. You can still buy turntable parts as new or from old stock, depending on what the collector is after.

Garrard 301 Turntables

Collectors will already know Garrard vintage record players by name, with their most popular machines being the 301s. The Garrard 301 turntable is one of the most legendary in the history of record players and first hit the market in 1954. These devices were robust and beautifully made which makes them a popular choice for collectors, lasting so long that many people still enjoying music from them today.

Garrard 401 Turntables

The Garrard 401 turntable is an iconic device in record player history but somewhat less sought after than the 301 and usually cheaper as a result. This is a quality vintage turntable with a hardwood surround and the famous thin plinth that this brand is famous for, giving it the vintage look that suits the sound the 401 creates.

Refurbished and Vintage Garrard Turntables

Garrard turntables are available in a few different conditions; those in their original vintage condition either working or not, and those that have been refurbished. It is possible to find these turntables in original working order but some may require replacement parts, otherwise, you can purchase a fully refurbished turntable for a higher price that looks and sounds brand new.