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Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett metal detectors have been on the market for more than 50 years, with Garrett equipment becoming some of the most popular metal detectors in Australia. With separate metal detectors for sports and security use, it is the Garrett gold prospecting metal detectors that are of particular interest to Australians looking to strike it rich in the mineral-rich land.

Striking Gold with Garrett Metal Detectors

Up until 2012, the price of gold had seen a steady and unprecedented increase for the previous 11 years. Those trends saw a massive increase in the number of Australians prospecting for gold, with 2012 estimates claiming that there were over 20,000 active gold prospectors throughout the country. And with so many people looking to find their own share of gold, prospecting hopefuls invested in high-quality metal detectors to assist with their search. Gold prices dipped following their historic high prices in 2012 and never quite recovered, but that did not stop those who had already taken a liking to gold prospecting throughout Australia. Some hopefully have even branched out and begun searching the coastal regions of Australia using area-specific equipment such as Garrett beach surf metal detectors.

Australia’s Metal Detecting Laws

The various states and territories of Australia have their own laws regarding metal detecting. The laws, which should be understood by anyone prior to a prospecting session, regulate the places that hopefuls can go to detect for gold, who they need to have notified and the equipment that may be used. Importantly, laws and regulations in Western Australia for example state that only "hand held tools" may be used to detect for gold, and define a metal detector such as Garrett metal detectors as "hand held tools." In contrast, large machinery or strip mining is not permitted, nor is the removal of samples greater than 20kg.

Metal Detecting in Australia

Australia is a mineral- and metal-rich country, with many areas of its vast backyard largely untapped. The two most popular places to search for gold are the Golden Triangle area in Victoria, and the famous gold fields of Western Australia. Other gold fields exist in the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales which have shown varying levels of success for prospectors, but it is thought that Western Australia and Victoria are still the gold prospecting hotspots of Australia.