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Need to replace your turbo? Looking for engine tuning products? Or simply interested in turbo details and looking for more information? Let eBay help you out with their extensive collection of Garrett car and truck parts. There's a lot to offer when it comes to Garrett. With 60 years of pioneering advanced motion turbo technologies, the brand is known for their engineering prowess and adaptability. Spanning diesel, gas, electric and fuel cell power, Garrett innovations are a part of approximately 100 million vehicles worldwide. It all began with John Clifford Garrett's passion for engineering. In the 1950s, his T15 Turbo was paired with another brand's crawler, which helped to kickstart the company's success. The TO4 model then increasingly permeated commercial diesel applications in the 1960s and 1970s as manufacturers soon recognised the benefits of greater torque, better fuel efficiency, and ultimately, improved performance. This meant that by the 2000s, almost every commercial diesel vehicle housed sophisticated turbochargers and the company had global reach. More recently, Garrett technologies have been aimed at supporting a new era in hybrid electricity and fuel-cell powertrains. Impressively, the brand claims it's ready for driverless cars with sophisticated cybersecurity and software systems aimed at securing a safe vehicle for its users. You can check all of their products out on eBay without straining your wallet. 

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One of the great things about Garrett on eBay is that you can direct your search based on the type of turbo, warranty, price, item location and delivery options. While you're there, you can also check out some products that work well with Garrett's parts, like air temperature controls, car cleaning products, ignition systems, electric vehicle parts and filters. 

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