Gas Bottle Holder

Who doesnt love a good old Aussie barbie? Throw on a couple of snags, slap down your burgers, wrap corn cobs in foil, and finish it off with a cold beverage and a slice of pav. But to make that BBQ a reality, you need to have the right equipment on hand. Which is where eBays range of gas bottle holders come in. Perfect for your home BBQ gas bottle, your camping gas bottle, or even securing a bottle to your campervan or trailer, a gas bottle holder means youll always be able to store your gas bottle in a safe and sturdy manner.

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Theres no need to go from store to store, trying to compare prices and features, while trying to figure out whether each gas bottle holder will suit your needs. With the simplicity of eBay, you can compare dozens of holders as quick as a flash. Even better, you can then have your chosen gas bottle holder delivered right to your door.

Explore the features of a gas bottle holder

The most important thing to think about when comparing gas bottle holders is making sure the one you choose complies with all the relevant Australian safety standards. This is particularly important if you are storing your gas bottles on your caravan or vehicle, and the bottle remains connected while the vehicle is moving. Requirements include mounting the gas bottle upright on the side that faces the towing vehicle, as well as having a secure and rigid holder that can withstand a load of four times the weight of the full gas bottle from any direction. Also check the maximum number of gas bottles you can carry, as this varies based on the state youre travelling in.

When buying a gas bottle holder, look for a solid construction, that is also lightweight, so youre not adding unnecessary load. Look for a secure locking mechanism, and materials that are resistant to all weather conditions.

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