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When it comes to cooking and kitchens, most people will agree that gas is a great choice. This is because gas ovens give a constant heat, which can make baking and roasting easy. However, there is more to choosing an oven then deciding between gas, electric or dual fuel . This is one of the most used appliances in a home so choosing the right one for your cooking style is very important. And, if youre buying a used oven, choosing a common brand may make it easier to replace parts and accessories .

With gas ovens, you must have a connection to the gas mains to instal the oven in your kitchen. There are two types of gas ovens available, a free-standing oven and a gas wall oven. A free-standing oven is a complete unit with cooktop combined in the unit, these are often a good choice for smaller units or kitchens. A wall gas oven offers more flexibility in regards to kitchen design as these ovens can be wall mounted or installed under the kitchen bench.

When youre choosing a gas oven for your home, look carefully at the features. Gas ovens distribute heat more evenly and provide better baking and roasting if they are fan forced. Consider what types of dishes you will be cooking and make sure the internal space in the oven is large enough to accomodate them, having adjustable shelves makes it much easier to cook different courses at the same time and prepare for dinner parties.

If youre an avid cook or youve got a big family to feed, a larger oven is probably in your wish list. However, often the size of the oven is dictated by the size of the kitchen, unless you are installing an oven in a new build. The most common size for an oven is 60cm, larger ovens can be up to 90 cm and double ovens can be bigger again.

Life is busy and cooking can get messy, so finding an oven thats easy to clean and matches with other appliances can help to make your house a home.

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