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How Do I Shop for Gas Ranges and Stoves?

Finding the right gas range or gas oven doesn't have to be a challenge so long as you have a few ideas in mind before you begin range hunting. Whether you're looking for a compact or full-size stove, there are many different brands and options of kitchen appliances available to ensure that you're able to cook sizeable, healthy meals for your family for years to come.

What Is the Difference Between a Range and a Stove?

Unknown to many, there really is no real difference between a range and a stove, and the names are actually used interchangeably. So, as you begin to shop for gas range ovens and stoves, keep in mind that both refer to the same item. However:

  • A range or stove actually refers to the ;oven' part of the unit. In other words, this refers chiefly to where you bake or broil items.
  • A cooktop is sometimes confused with the terms range and stove, and is indeed different. It refers to the cooking surface on top of the oven.

Of course, most range or stove models will come complete with a cooktop, but it is important to double check before purchase.

What Are Different Features to Shop For?

As you're shopping for a gas range, there are things to consider as you're perusing different brands before you make that final choice.

  • Cooktop surface: A gas oven will always have protruding burners instead of a flat surface, like an electric range might have. However, the surface area is very important, particularly if you cook large meals. Gas ranges come with anywhere from four to six burners, and the surface area of the top is typically correlated with the capacity of the oven as well.
  • Oven capacity: Similarly to the cooking surface, if you tend to cook larger meals, you'll want a larger capacity. For an example, a 113-litre capacity is a larger-than-normal size. A compact oven may feature 80 litres or so.
  • Width: You want to ensure before purchase that your range fits in the space you need it to. As this is one of the most important features, it's typically included near the top of the description.
  • Other features: A built-in timer and cooling system are often important to buyers. Also, self-cleaning ovens and ovens with a cavity for storage underneath are also a bonus.

What Are Some Popular Brands?

There are some popular brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, and many of these brands also make ovens and ranges. Look for well-known and trusted brands such as:

  • Westinghouse: A decades-old, well-known kitchen electrics company
  • Euromaid: A top European electrics company
  • Chef: A popular brand in Australia among consumers
  • Other brands: There are numerous other name brands, such as Technika, Lofra, Baumatic and many others that may be sound economical and long-lasting choices
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