Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

One of the most frustrating things to have happen is after a few days of having a new manicure, getting a chip in the polish, ruining the clean new look. Gel nail polish can alleviate those frustrations as it lasts at least two weeks chip-free. This nail polish works by curing under a UV light. There are chemicals in the polish that harden when they come in contact with the light. After a base coat, two colour coats, and a top coat, your polish has multiple hard layers that are safe from scratches and dings. Gel nail polish also is shinier and keeps that sheen for an extended period of time. Gel nail polish is great for those who have a busy schedule and can’t get to the salon every week for a new manicure. Additionally, for those that like to have their nails painted, gel polish keeps your manicure looking fresh. There are a variety of colours available in the gel nail polish. Also, there are several brands that make glittery and special nail effects gel nail polish to switch up your looks.

Gel Nail Polish Kits

Many brands offer gel nail polish kits that have many of the tools and supplies that are needed to create a complete look. These kits are more expensive; however, they include items like the UV light and other tools that are a one time purchase. The kits are great for anyone who is overwhelmed at the thought of having to buy all the supplies needed for a gel manicure. These kits are a one stop shop and provide everything that you need. Also, going to the salon can get pricey after a while, so having a good quality gel nail polish kit can be cost-effective in the long run. Aside from the UV light, these kits also include the base and top coat, a colour or two of the gel nail polish, files, nail covers for removing the polish, cuticle tools and nail clippers.

Gel Nail Polish Accessories

If you’re not looking to purchase an entire kit, there are some key gel nail polish accessories that are good items to have. The UV light is one of the main items to have, as that’s what cures and creates the gel nail polish. Additionally, gel soak off nail polish remover is important to effectively remove the polish. Because the polish hardens with the light, it is much harder to remove, so special polish remover is important to have. There are also nail covers to hold the cotton and polish remover on your nails. Additionally, special files are good to have on-hand to take off any extra polish left on your nails.