Who doesn’t want beautiful nails? They are hands down the best fashion accessory you will ever have, so taking care of your nails should be a top priority. There is no shortage of products on the market that promise to give you beautiful nails, but for an awesome polish experience, you can’t go past Gelish by Nail Harmony.

Gelish or Shellac?

With so many variations available, it’s hard to know which is best. The two top brands, Gelish and Shellac, at first appear similar, but they work in different ways. Gelish is a gel nail polish that is painted over natural nails to create a long-lasting, beautiful shine. It comes in so many colours you will find it hard to choose just one.

The gel polish can be used as a base coat, colour or topcoat and once set under LED lamps, you will walk out of the salon with dry nails that will not chip or smudge for up to three weeks. Users have reported that the condition of your nails and how you treat them on a daily basis plays a big part in how long Gelish, or Shellac, will last before needing to be renewed. If you have weak, fragile nails, you would be advised to have a customised nail treatment prior to the application of a gel polish.

Unlike the harsh glues and buffing treatments used in the application of artificial nails, Gelish will not damage your nails. When it’s time to renew, you should soak the gel coating off using either acetone or a mixture of dishwashing soap and salt. Do not try to pick the polish off asyou are likely to peel away the top layer of your natural nail as well, leaving them weak and flaky.

So, with so many vibrant colours to choose from in the Gelish range, and at bargain prices in the many eBay sellers’ stores, beautiful nails are within the reach of everyone.