General Motors Collectable Advertising

General Motors is one of the most iconic automobile companies in history, distributing and manufacturing vehicles all over the world. Established in 1908, General Motors (which sold cars under several different domestic and international brands) was the dominant automobile company for 76 years, between 1931 and 2007. Unsurprisingly, old General Motors newspaper promotions and advertising signs are popular items to both auto collectors and veteran General Motors supporters. For Australians, Holden memorabilia are the most popular General Motors advertising collectables on the market.


General Motors collectables don’t have to waste away on the dusty shelves of your garage. Whether you own a heavy steel GMC dealer sign or vintage Holden newspaper clippings, take advantage of these iconic advertising collectables and present them proudly as unique decorations. If your garage or study walls are looking bare, framed General Motors newspaper advertisements and cereal cards are an excellent way to liven up boring rooms and they can be a great conversation starter for guest.

Australian Heritage

General Motors makes up several different auto brands, including Cadillac, Chevrolet, Holden and GMC. In Australia, Holden advertising items are the most popular auto collectibles. In 2013, Holden dismayed Australian auto enthusiasts by announcing that, by the end of 2017, vehicle and engine manufacturing would move overseas. The announcement has driven up the value of Holden and many General Motors advertising collectibles, which many now regard as pieces of Australian automobile history.

Different Types

After years of advertising campaigns, there is a diverse collection of different Holden and General Motors auto collectibles. Auto advertising collectibles, which include GM dealer signs, warranty tags and authentic paper label Holden oil cans are all striking auto collectibles. General Motors print advertising is another category of auto collectibles. Admire vintage General Motors advertising in newspapers and magazines, many of which feature textured old paper and even full-colour illustrations.

Historical Value

Over a period of 109 years, General Motors advertising items and print helped transform people’s views of automobiles, convincing millions of people around the world to purchase a General Motors car. Consequently, General Motors advertising items are valuable auto collectibles, giving owners an appreciation of the development and growth of one of the world’s most successful vehicle manufacturers.