Generic Musical Instrument Accessories

Generic instrument accessories are useful in the maintenance, storage and performance of your musical equipment.

What are Good Accessories for Your Keyboard?

For a music keyboard, what you add to your arsenal can make it easier to play. Consider the following options:

  1. Clip-on light. Clip-on lights maintain visibility during lights off or dim-lit performance conditions. Use lightweight and tight clamps to ensure your light won't fall off during an event. Choose generic accessories that are easy to position. Check out clip-on reading lights for options.
  2. Keyboard stand. Keyboard stands allow you the flexibility of positioning yourself anywhere on stage. Choose durable, well-balanced stands that won't fold under the weight of your keyboard. Lightweight models give ease of carriage and transport.
  3. Metronome. Metronomes are most essential for band and orchestra performance. They keep you on the same pace with others to keep a constant beat throughout an event. Changing tempo won't be a problem as there's no room for error. Instrumentalists only need to know the new count and make the tempo change in an instant.

What are good accessories to buy for your guitar?

  1. Guitar tuner. These are important to keeping pitch and sound blend. It's hard to hear yourself while performing with a group. Heavy playing can change guitar tones overtime. Having handy tuners lets you monitor your guitar's pitch and make the corrections when you are off. Check digital and clip-on tuners for options.
  2. Guitar amp. Amplifiers are important additions to make for electric instruments, allowing you to perform to a larger crowd with clearer sound.
  3. Music sheet stand. This is a guitarist's best friend. If you are dependent on sheets and chord sheets to perform more precisely, the sheet stand is your most useful companion. Lay those sheets securely and neatly. Adjust according to desired height. Then, you're good to go. Check lightweight, foldable sheet stands for options.

How do you care for musical instruments and accessories?

  1. Clean after use. Give a full and gentle wipe on your instruments and accessories including all cable attachments.
  2. Store properly. Always have a bag for your instruments and assign pouches or carrying cases for all other accessories.
  3. Keep equipment in consistent and normal temperatures. Don't expose to varying temperatures as this causes moisture build-up, rusting, brittleness and other damaging effects.