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Gentle Leader Dog Collars

Gentle Leader Dog Collars

Gentle Leader is a brand of pet products designed by Petsafe, a leading provider and innovator in pet training products. Gentle Leader dog collars are very different from traditional dog collars. Rather than sitting about the neck of canines, Gentle Leader dog collars fit as streamlined harnesses around the backs of the heads and around the muzzles of dogs.

Gentle Leader Dog Collar Functions

Gentle Leader dog collars work by using a slip system. If a dog pulls or strains at the leash, instead of compressing a collar around its throat, the strap against the back of the dogs neck tightens. This forces the hounds head to turn, entirely without pain, reinforcing to the dog that pulling and leaping against the leash does not allow it to get where it wants to go.

Adjustable Gentle Leader Dog Collars

Because a Gentle Leader dog collar comprises of multiple straps on different parts of a dogs anatomy, the muzzle and the upper neck, it may be difficult to accurately size a collar to a canine. For this reason, it is beneficial to consider an adjustable Gentle Leader collar.

Gentle Leader Dog Collar Options

Though there are adjustable Gentle Leader dog collars, the brand manufactures collars in the following sizes: petite (for toy and super small breeds), small (for breeds like beagles), medium (for dogs like collies), large (for breeds like German shepherds), and extra large (for dogs like Great Danes). You can choose from at least eight colours of Gentle Leader collars, which include black, red, blue, green, pink, purple, tan, and grey.

Gentle Leader Products

Gentle Leader dog collars are easy to use alongside other Gentle Leader products. These include Gentle Leader dog leashes and walking harnesses. Use the dog collars and harnesses for everyday walking and training tools as well.

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