Add some sparkle to your home with a geode

Geodes are geological structures found in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. On eBay, you will find a cracking selection of unique and collectable rocks and minerals to satisfy anyone who is fascinated by rocks, minerals and the natural treasures of the Earth.

Different types of geode

The quartz cluster geode is the most distinctive and popular type of formation. Natural geodes are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Polished specimens typically feature a scooped out centre that is embellished with quartz crystal. The natural cluster geode is available singularly or in pairs. Cluster geode eggs are also available with the crystals formed on the outside of the egg.

An un-dyed and unopened geode is in its natural state. Geodes take millions of years to grow and form, and as these are yet to be split you will be the first person to see what lies inside, a great collectible crystal for your any collector.

Large and oversized pieces of geode are often used for spiritual healing purposes. The druzy cluster geodes are available in a range of natural crystal formations. Choose a gemstone crystal that most appeals or resonates with you. Amethyst and clear quartz crystal geodes are especially popular.

A 100% natural agate slice is a highly polished slither of the geode. Individual slices are available in a wide variety of dyed colours and shapes. The slice allows you to see the intricate irregular detail of the geode. The polished slab agate slices can be used for jewellery making and other arts and crafts.

A titanium-coated cluster geode is a statement piece you will want to display in pride of place. The quartz geode cluster features multi-points and a titanium coating that produces a wow factor rainbow effect finish.

Starter set collections of crystals typically include an assortment of natural mineral gemstones and a geode or two.