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Highly Desirable and Collectable German Coins

Germany have long history of silver coinage production with a fascinating minting history, this makes German coins particularly collectable. There are three main categories; coins minted prior to and immediately after the merger of the German states in 1871; coins minted between both World Wars; and the coins that were minted after the separate monetary systems were introduced 1949 and beyond when Germany was divided into the Western and Eastern Unions.

Early German Coins

Early German Coins were minted in Hamburg and would be struck with the letter J. A talented German engineer, Diedrich Uhlhorn, invented a steam driven press called the Uhlhorn Press in the 1800's. A fine example of such a coin, an 1870 German States Bavaria 1 Thaler, can be found on eBay. Coins of this condition are very uncommon. You will also find in this category coins such as a 1 Mark Empire Coin, minted in 1901, with the Crowned Imperial Eagle. These coins carry a high silver composition.

Between the World Wars

There is a prime example of a 1 Pfennig 1934 coin, minted in bronze available to start a collection or fill a gap. You will also see many specimens of 1 to 10 Mark coins, such as the Germany, Weimar Republic 5 Reichsmark, minted in 1927. There is a lot of interest in Third Reich coins and the 10 Mark minted with the Eagle Swastika in the 1930's are readily available. With the use of silver during this period in minting, these remain highly collectable regardless of World issues due to monetary value.

German Coins from 1945 onwards

There was a six-year period after the Second World War that silver was not used in the minting of coins. It was re-introduced in 1951 to 1974 for the West Germany 5 Mark Coin. These coins bear the German Eagle and had a high mintage. In 2002 Germany changed to the Euro, collectable coins such as the Germany 2015, 30 Years Europe Flag, from the European Flag Collection is only one of the vast range of Euro collectables to be sought.

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