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Giant Bicycles

The rapid rise in popularity of Giant bicycles is a testament to the ingenuity of its Taiwanese founders and the dedication of its succeeding higher-ups. Today, the brand is well-known across 50 countries and has produced over 6.4 million bikes, which has helped promote exercise as a form of recreation. People young and old enjoy riding a good bike, so maybe it’s time to shop around for a Giant bike.

Boys' Bikes

boys' Giant bicycles catered to the needs of budding and confident riders alike. The Jr. Animator is a good option if training wheels are his thing. Available in blue, black, and green paint jobs, these are attractive choices for his first ever bike. The included training wheels can come off with a couple of bolt removals when he is confident enough to ride on his own. For big boys, the Veer has a 24-inch pair of wheels, an easy-to-ride frame, and Shimano Revo Twist shifters for a fun riding experience.

Girls' Bikes

Little ladies need their exercise too, and girls' Giant bicycles cater to their tastes. Have her tear up the streets like the boys by getting her the Holly 16-inch bike in white and teal for high visibility and equally high cuteness. The teal finish has pink and white flowers along the frame and chain guard, while a chrome-finished pair of training wheels flank the rear wheel for stability. The front has a tiny basket with a flowered pinned to it, perfect for carrying her favourite stuffed animal or doll. Is she in secondary school? Then as she advances in skill, get her the Areva 250, which is perfect for confident riders who need the challenge of extra gears. It is basically a scaled down mountain bike built for the streets. Lightweight alloys and an InSync 24-inch suspension fork makes for a smooth riding experience to and from school.

Starter Bikes

Has he or she yet to learn balancing on two wheels? Get the Pre Push Bike to give them the first taste of freedom. Ideal for rolling along the driveway, this starter bike has a lightweight Aluxx formed aluminium alloy frame and 12-inch wheels. Black and green may be the colours of choice for your would-be rider boy, while pink and white may be more her thing.