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Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Acoustic Guitars

With every type of musical instrument, there are certain names people tend to think of first. With guitars both electric and acoustic, one of those names is Gibson. Few companies, and perhaps even fewer guitar models, have as broad and storied a past.


For over a hundred years, Gibson has produced not only solid, quality instruments, but has also been a leader in industry innovation. From the wildly successful ES-150 to the eponymous Les Paul, Gibson has consistently been a leader in electric guitar design and manufacturing. But what about their acoustic lines? Those, too, are more than an industry standard!


While Chet Atkins didnt introduce the Gibson concept of a solid body acoustic guitar until 1982, the company was still famous for its other acoustic instruments well before then. Gibson vintage guitars and basses still hold up to the high performance expectations of today, delivering the same quality of sound artists continue to demand of their tools. The brand is protective of its designs, so you can feel confident that any guitar bearing the name is fine-tuned to deliver.


Gibson acoustic guitars have just as much claim to fame as their electric brethren. When legendary names like Pete Townshend, Neil Young, the Rolling Stones, Billie Joe Armstrong and more have all relied on various favourite Gibson models for years, then you know youre joining a great crowd. If celebrities like these can rely on Gibson acoustic guitars, then what can they do for your personal sound?

Gibson Electric

And of course, if youre looking for variety or just want a different sound, Gibson electric guitars are fairly synonymous with jazz, R&B, rock and roll or nearly any other kind of music that calls for that special instrument. If acoustic isnt your thing, Gibson still most definitely has you covered.