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Gibson Bass Guitars

A famous brand, Gibson offers many choices of acoustic bass guitars for aspiring and professional musicians alike.

Gibson 2017 EB5

The Gibson 2017 EB5 comes as either a 4-string or 5-string model, both including a standard padded gig bag. The maple neck and rounder shape give more balance and freer access to the player. Controls are easy to operate. The 24-fret fretboard lays unbound. With two Alnico V pickups, you already have eight different voices to work with, and that’s still with no active electronics. The bridge (Babicz Full Contact) creates full contact between strings and the body, so you may well expect improved sustain with this model. The body is rich in resonance, pleasant to the ears even without an amplifier. Gibson guitars EB5 models went for a simple, elegant housing. Lacquer finish allows the wood to breathe and should definitely improve with usage. It weighs less than four kilos. It may not impress some with its appearance but get it playing, and you’ll hear what you paid for.

Gibson SG Standard Bass

The classic Gibson SG has undergone a number of makeovers, but it retains the dual-pick version and 77-centimetre scale length. SG Bass gives you a three-way adjustable bridge for functionality and ease. You can fine-tune the strings from all directions, allowing you to use different string gauges. The bridge directly anchors to the body, giving you excellent tone and resonance. You get 20 frets with Gibson SG Bass in baked maple. The neck joint is glued to the body, giving you a direct wood contact. Musicians know that this greatly unites the neck and body functioning for better sound tone.


Further enhance the sound and look of your instrument by purchasing additional Gibson guitar bass accessories for both electric and acoustic bass guitars. Durable straps grant safety and comfort during play. You may also browse for tone-enhancing pickups.

Purchasing Tips

Free shipping offers would be good, but check the manner of shipping an online seller uses. If you must pay extra for better packaging and transporting features, go for it. Some dents and scratches are tolerable, since they don’t affect sound quality. Cracks definitely compromise sound, so even if the instrument is cheap, avoid buying if there are visible cracks.