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Gillette Men's Razor Blades

Gillette Mens Razor Blades

Shaving is not only important for practical reasons. Research has actually shown that shaving can boost a mans confidence, and thus it is no wonder that many men prefer to shave before an important meeting or date. A shaven look is clean and elegant as well as highly desirable, and Gillette has equipped men with powerful razors for more than a century. The company provides both disposable razors and razors with replaceable blades. The latter option is great if changing the blades poses no problem for you, and you also think about the environment by reusing the handle.

Mach3 Razor Blades

The Mach3 razor blades feature a pivoting head and three DuraComfort blades that flex and move with the contours of your face, giving you a clean shave without skin irritation or accidental cuts. The latter is possible thanks to the gel strip as well as the skin guard that stretches your skin during shaving to prepare the hair for cutting. These blades are compatible with any Mach3 razor handles.

Fusion5 Razor Blades

The Gillette Fusion razor blades come in several variations. All of them are compatible with the Fusion5 razor handles and include five precision blades that reduce pressure per blade and lubrication on both sides. These are Gillettes thinnest blades. Fusion5 blades can also provide a cooling effect if you choose the Chill option, while the Proshield provides the least amount of tug and pull.

Sensor Razor Blades

The Sensor razor blades are compatible with the Sensor razor handles and feature two blades. The Sensor handles are anti-slip, and you can grip them surely, while shaving with a pivoting head that adjusts to your face. The Sensor Excel blades provide even more precision by holding the skin taut with microfins as you shave. The Sensor 3 blades include three blades and a Lubrastrip that moisturises your skin and helps to fight razor burn.

Double-Edge Razor Blades

The Gillette double-edged mens razor blades are true classics, having been around since 1901 when King C. Gillette first created it. The stainless steel double-edge blade is compatible with all double-edge razors. You do not need to sharpen or hone it and can dispose of it once it becomes dull. This blade provides a clean and close shave, and the material resists rust and wet environments exceptionally well.