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Giorgio Armani Fragrances for Women

An iconic fashion designer, Giorgio Armani also offers women's fragrances, deodorants and lotions. High quality essences and oils provide a more lasting aromatic experience common to the brand's offerings. Armani women’s fragrances are simple, timeless and vibrant, just like his fashions. Italian chic women’s clothing that you want people to see and not just wear, Armani’s fragrances add another dimension to the experience. Classic Giorgio Armani Perfumes for women turns heads just as easily as his signature looks.

Fragrance Types

You determine fragrance types through the concentration of essences and oils that make up the fragrance. Eau de toilette generally contains less than 10 percent fragrance concentration and fades quickly. This makes it a great choice for warmer months, and this may require frequent applications. Eau de parfum has up to 15 percent fragrance and will linger nicely on hair and clothes. Strong and long lasting, perfume contains up to 30 percent fragrance. Armani perfumes often come in small sizes, because the bottle size indicates the amount you should use.


Si is for the strong and modern woman. It combines rose of Mai, black currant nectar and blond wood. This complex formula is an Armani favourite, and its romantic, rosy aroma will mesmerise your partner and pique the interest of passersby. As a perfume, it is perfect for night wear. The eau de toilette and eau de parfum work well for day applications. It’s even a nice choice for a signature scent.

Acqua di Gio

Acqua di Gio translates to water of joy. A bright and zesty combination of lemon and mint, peony and jasmine, brown sugar and cedarwood transports you to a Mediterranean seaside, giving you a little piece of vacation with every whiff. It is a serenely sensual and feminine fragrance that will quickly become a favourite go to, or even signature fragrance. This Giorgio Armani Women’s eau de toilette is a great everyday fragrance that is both light and soft for the chic and carefree woman.

Other Fragrances

Armani Code, Si Intense and Acqua di Gio are just a few of the many women’s fragrances Giorgio Armani offers. Each has a beautiful and unique woman in mind: you. A fragrance line often smells similar, but you will find the differing fragrances are not an exact match. This is because fragrances are layered, and eau du toilette highlights a different layer than eau de parfum and perfume. Make sure to check out each fragrance type in a line to base your decision on what highs and lows you’re looking for.