Pretty girls accessories for every occasion

Accessories are essential for many different reasons, from keeping your kids warm to carrying their things around. You can find all of this and more on eBay, as theres a huge selection of girls accessories. Pretty and practical backpacks and cosy scarves are ideal for school days, while sunglasses and hats are perfect for play.

Accessories for all occasions

Planning a trip? No worries, girls backpacks give you all the space to store a lunchbox, water bottle and sun protection too. And if the weathers not so good, then send the little ones off with a girls umbrella. Bright colours and animal characters on the umbrella will distract the kids from the rain and brighten up the dullest day. If its really cold out, wrap the kids up warm in a gloves and scarf set. Natural materials such as wool are super cosy and breathable.

If you give your girls pocket money a little wallet or purse will help them keep their dollars safe. Or why not get them a little piggy bank and get them into the habit of saving money for a rainy day while theyre young.

Hats and hair accessories

Theres a huge choice of girls hats, from sun hats to warm beanies. You can get hats in a small size which are ideal for when youre taking little babies outside. If your kids are into playing volleyball at the beach, get them a cap. Itll keep the sun out of their eyes so they can see the ball better and protect their heads too.

Choose from a variety of girls hair accessories including hair clips for every day, and headbands to keep their hair out their eyes, which are ideal for school. There are even headbands with a unicorn horn on, so if your girls love dressing up theyre bound to love that.

Sunglasses for girls

Sunglasses are key for sun protection and looking cool. Theres every colour from pink to blue, ideal whether your kids are girly girls or not. Some of the sunglasses have patterns such as polka dots on, great for matching to clothes or other girls accessories.